Streamlines your EClaims administration

E-claims solution for medical providers and insurance service providers.

Automates creation and submission of e-prior requests and e-claims to Regulator post office.
Monitor, downloads and notifies upload of authorizations and remittance advices. Supports all eclaims transactions required by the Regulator.


E-Prior Requests | CanvasHealth

E-Prior Requests

Automatically identifies services that require authorization and create prior request from an encouter. Edit and finalize requests created by the system before submission to post office. Notifies you when authorization response is received on the post office.

E-Claims | CanvasHealth


Manually create eclaims from scratch or import and validate claims from excel or converts approved prior requests into e-claims holding corresponding authorization number eliminating the invalid authorization numbers error.

Price List | CanvasHealth

Price List

Upload and maintain one active cash price list. Create one active discounted price list per each claim amdministrator agreement. Solution picks up prices of entered services as per agreement price list of the current patient's claim administrator. Apply price increase to the cash price and create new cash price list and adjust agreements' discount percentage as per price increase negotiation with claim administrators

User Privilages | CanvasHealth

Advanced User Privilages Allocation System

Data is stored on provider's server and regulator post office. Provider's IT has full access to EClaimEasy database meanwhile end user has access to the database only through loggin into EClaimEasyas as per granted user priviages. User privilages are granted at three levels : 1- Fomrs 2- Buttons' Functions 3- Data Entities like payers

Platform Management | CanvasHealth

Platform Management Office

Create teams like processing, coding, submission and resubmission. Assign privilages to team members like limiting a user to specific payer. Distribute daily claims quota to users. Monitor daily work progress like per user daily backlogs, work mile stones TAT Track overall backlog development and take proper measurements

Health Card | CanvasHealth

Patient Health Card

Keep track of plans information pertaining to patients visiting provider location.
Plans information is maintained under each claim administrator.
Create patient insurance card and assign one of the plans of the claim administrator who owns patient insurance card.

Standard Codes Updates | CanvasHealth

Standard Codes Updates

Daily automatic update of regulator codes and lists which ensures up-to-date halth authority standard codes in the system.

Application Updates | CanvasHealth

Application Updates

Automatic update of EClaimEasy every time new features are added or when business and validation rules are updated by the regulator.

Inquiries? | CanvasHealth


Flexible criteria for searching data which provides powerful inquiry tool for prior requests and authorization, patient visits, submission claims, remittance advices and claims data. Entities search allows answering the questions like Prior requests waiting for submission Prior requests that were answered by payers Claims pending for remittance advices Claims payment status Claims Aging

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