Excel Submission

Submits your Excel invoices to the Regulator Post Office

Excel to E-claims Xml conversion and validation tool.

Tool for converting Excel invoices data to EClaims xml data.
It generates xml claim submission transaction as per respective regulator schema
The tool validates generated xml data and uploads successful transactions to the Post Office.


E-Prior Requests | CanvasHealth

Generate Transactions

Generate xml e-claim submission transaction from selected Excel file that contain invoices data. Excel file has to be in the supported format. Eclaim submission transaction is generated as per regulator required schema.

E-Claims | CanvasHealth

Validate Data

Verify the generated e-claim xml data against the requlator business and validation rules.

Upload Transactions | CanvasHealth

Upload Transactions

Upload successful transactions to the Post Office.

Application Updates | CanvasHealth

Application Updates

Automatic update of ExcelSubmission every time new features are added or when business and validation rules are updated by the regulator.

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