Streamlines your EClaims resubmission administration

E-claims resubmission solution for medical providers and insurance service providers.

The software solution that helps you creating and resubmitting e-claim
to regulator post office.
It's fully compliant with the business and validation rules required by the Regulator.


Download Transactions | CanvasHealth

Old Transactions Import

Import claim submission and remittance advice transactions starting from a given date.

Resubmission Creation | CanvasHealth

Resubmission Creation

Create internal complaint or correction resubmission claims. Attach relevent files

Generate Transactions | CanvasHealth

Transactions Generation

Generate e-claim resubmission transactions Validate generated xml files Submit to regulator post office.

Replies Notification | CanvasHealth

Payers' Replies Notification

Monitor post office for claim administrator response.

Inquiries? | CanvasHealth


Flexible criteria for searching data which provides powerful inquiry tool for prior requests and authorization data. Search allows answering the questions like Prior requests waiting for submission Prior requests that were answered by payers Prior requests status like approved and rected requests Aging of prior request Top reection reasons First attempt approved prior requests percentage

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